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Update Your Kindle Now To Keep Using It Smoothly – Amazon Kindle is a perfect eBook reader, but the only reason it is perfect because it has been able to bring a number of changes to all its versions. The continuous updates has ensured that the devices remain attractive for the users. There are certain updates, which we consider as the optional updates, but then, there are some updates, which come in the category of critical updates. So, if you are using Amazon Kindle, then you have make sure that your device is fully updated. If it is not, then you may not be able to use all the features, which you could have use with an updated version and also, you will have to seek help form Amazon Fire support. Those who own Amazon Kindles from 2012 and earlier, then they need to install all the critical updates in order to keep using the device. The company has mentioned about this update on their site, which means that this update is quite important Customers who are using an outdated version of the Kindle software won’t be able to access the vital features of the device. There was a problem related to the Wi-Fi in the older version of the Kindle, but with the inclusion of the new updates, this problem seems to have taken the backseat. The outdated version of Kindle also got problems related to the Amazon Cloud services. If you have a Kindle device, which is outdated, then you won’t be able to access the Amazon Cloud or Kindle store in the right manner. The updates are now available, but customers will have to do all the process manually, as the company is not providing an automated service now. Amazon has made a chart that shows, which updates are needed and how to install them. You can do this process without logging onto Kindle com support. 1. Amazon 1st Generation: This version was launched in 2007 and to use it, customers need to download 1.2.1 software version through Wi-Fi network. For 2nd Generation Kindle and Kindle DX, you need to download software version 2.5.8. 2. For 3rd Generation, 4th Generation and 5th Generation, you need to install 3.4.2 and 4.1.3 or higher. The software will be downloaded and installed using Wi-Fi network. If nothing’s working for you, then you should take Kindle help. 3. For Kindle Touch 4th generation, you need to find or higher version. The download process remains the same, i.e., using a Wi-Fi network. For Paperwhite 5th generation, the software version is and it will be downloaded using wireless network. But, if the update is not getting downloaded, then you better taken Kindle support, which is easily available these days. 4. For Kindle Paperwhite 6th generation and above, there is no need to update anything, as these models come with an updated software and a host of features. Customers are going to get regular reminders about the updates and how they can be installed. If there is any issue, then customers can get Amazon Kindle support for a number of places. There are many companies that provide support for Amazon Kindle, especially when it comes to software updates. It is better to log onto www Kindle com support in order to get all the details about the support. If you have problems finding the right details on the website, then you can give a call at Amazon customer service phone number. The main motive is to get the updates for the device to be able to use it in the perfect way.


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